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Vehicle repossession is a situation bound to happen in the vehicle industry, but also one of the industry's biggest problems that cannot be avoided. In order to solve this major problem, an implementation of a more effective way of motorcycle repossession project, ASKEY, first vehicle searching and repossession web service in Malaysia is introduced. Through the application of information technology and Internet, and the gaining popularity of usage of computer usage in vehicle industry, the vehicle business operators will be able to recover the vehicles with installments that are unpaid deliberately.

When vehicle buyers do not pay their vehicle installments deliberately, these vehicle business operators who provide the vehicle loans have to exercise their power of repossessing the vehicles in order to reduce losses. If the repossession process goes through for a longer period, the value of the vehicles will decrease further resulting in greater losses.

A lot of vehicle buyers try using all means to apply for a vehicle loan using invalid address, telephone number or work place address. Sometimes they change addresses or work place addresses without informing the vehicle business operators. Some buyers exchange driving the vehicles with friends and relatives or driving outside the state. As some of the vehicles are small size and easy to keep, it makes the repossessing of vehicles a difficult problem.

Vehicle searching and repossessing service, www.askey.biz, is provided by EIS Information Service Sdn Bhd. Through the convenience of web service, enable the vehicle repossessors in Malaysia to locate and repossesses the vehicles more efficiently while unifying Malaysia's lowest repossessing fee. While hoping to reduce the business operators' losses through this service, vehicle buyers who are aware of this news should make their best to make their installment payments promptly, to prevent their vehicles being repossessed.

Therefore, join and make use of Askey web service, to make the vehicle repossession more efficiently through cooperation. At the same time, responding to the needs of vehicle industry, EIS Information Sdn Bhd is providing a one-stop service to the vehicle business operators with EasyHP Installment software, outstanding payment client’s data recording and searching. These services are provided at a economic costs to ensure more savings and convenience to the vehicle industry during the period of economic downturn.