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1. How do I become a EIS member?
You may become EIS member through online registration. You will need to provide us the required information listed in our online registration form. Beside through online registration, you can also get the registration form from us and fax or mail it back to us once you have filled in the form.

2. What are the requirements to become a EIS member?
If you own a business which sells motorbikes, furnitures or electrical appliances and offers financial loans to your customers, then the requirements are met. EIS will go through the information submitted during registration for approval.

3. What other information is required during membership registration?
Beside completing the online registration form, we need your business registration documents and license owner's IC photocopies.

4. Is there any membership fee to become a EIS member?
Yes, there is a membership fee of RM 30 (Malaysia Ringgit Thirty). You do not need to pay the membership fee immediately. You will receive a letter from us concerning the payment method once you have become a member.

5. How should a member make use of the website?
Upon becoming a EIS member successfully, EIS will send out a User Guide to the member. The member will be able to do learn how to make use of EIS website effectively.

6. Do I need to own a computer to make use of the website?
Not necessary, please go through the "Ways To Use" page for more information. EIS staff will also be able to service our member if the member does not have a computer.